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Technical Glitches

So… This has been an eventful week. We started this site knowing that we didn’t have much time to shake out some bugs, so we bought a few off the shelf components ‘to make things easier’ and to speed the process along. Well, we have learned a lesson on how some poorly coded software can ‘make things easier’ – so easy that we have had quite a few sleepless nights hacking things into working order, only to find more issues that needed to be hacked into order. Enough was enough.

We had to take the site temporarily down so we could implement a new look and feel, a much cleaner and simpler concept (that will evolve over time.) The new look comes with a new player, we needed something robust and that worked on most devices as we have had a very small amount of issues with Apple devices – the new player promises to more compatible and less error prone.

If we were only planning on releasing a single documentary, we wouldn’t be starting a platform and having all these sleepless nights. But since we are at the beginning stages of a full online streaming service dedicated to German Shepherds and the stories that are inspired by them, all this has been a necessary learning curve. The new player completely replaces the old one, we also have a legacy player for some of the video assets that will be less played – these are mainly small snippet videos and some of the videos we have released through YouTube & Facebook.

The longer film content will be served by premium suppliers / partners that should take us into the future with more confidence and robust infrastructure. The old hacks are all gone, thankfully. I couldn’t spend another 24 hour period sleepless and figuring out workarounds for this system – I’m a filmmaker that does a little coding, not a developer that does a little filming.

As it stands, the lesson is to never take what seems to be an easier option. There are a gajillion marketing people out there selling near on useless ‘solutions’ that quickly turn into nightmares. Something the simplest solution is to cut your losses, lose some of the fancy features that never worked and focus on a simpler message.

We do apologise to anyone that was inconvenienced – but hopefully our store doesn’t produce errors and allows people to purchase the films instantly and hassle free, then play them back on their chosen device – which I am learning has to be within reason.