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Road to Raw 2019

Road to Raw Documentary

Road to Raw is a documentary that will set out to discover how people feed their dogs and the results of those pet food choices. Road to Raw will not only focus on a raw diet but the option available in this current day and age of technologies that have advanced our knowledge from kitchen table scraps to customised meal prep and delivery to our door.

Road to Raw will investigate the food-related diseases that have resulted from commercial feeding and how companies have strategised to modify/add to their products to offer alternatives to a more savvy buyer and pet owner. The information age has given consumers a much wider choice and the ability to educate themselves about the benefits and pitfalls of more traditional foods which has put the buyer in a much more powerful position. We seek to find out how this has influenced the feeding changes that have occurred in the last decade worldwide.

Road to Raw will look into the scientific research behind all feeding styles but with a focus on Raw and Fresh, the two new industries that have popped up in the marketplace and are getting adopted at a phenomenal rate. Road to Raw looks at the trend from social media influencers and seeks to explore how the big pet food companies will respond.

Road to Raw will be shot over a 12-18 month period and follow five dogs with diets ranging from dry, canned, fresh, raw and dogs that have switched over and track their progress. We will speak to industry experts, holistic and natural vets, owners, regulators and specialists.