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New Year, New Business

It has been 2 and ½ weeks since our launch of both our film and GSDtv and the highs and lows were not expected to be as severe as they were. No one tells you that you don’t have down time and you’re forever improving things and that time ceases to exist the way it did prior to opening your doors. We had Christmas and it was quiet then New Years came around and still there wasn’t a lot of interaction but we were strong and continued to believe in what we’d created. It was just a matter of getting it out to the masses

The most difficult part about bringing in 2019 was that there was no puppy on the horizon and possibly no relocation back to the United States to work on the project we were envisioning. It’s difficult to remain positive in such circumstances,  but we are still so new and the movie business is one of the toughest. The niggling part in my brain was that we should be having these struggles in our 20’s not our 40’s. This is definitely not hipster.

One of the biggest mental challenges when you’re not an instant success and potentially won’t ever be, is to keep the creative juices flowing and remain excited about the dream. This was, after all what got us here to this point, but we have to keep going. It’s no man’s land and it’s isolating, but it’s still the adventure we want to pursue.

So 2019, please bring us what we’ve worked so hard for and let it lead to four legged bliss with a bushy tail and a touch of Americana. I am still hoping against the odds and dreaming big.