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Losing Flight

We had been going for 10 strong months and we were still, I hate to admit it, filming even though we had 3 days left to render the entire documentary. We were out at  Lake Moogerah, one of our favorite local lakes but we’d never droned there but always had it on our shot list and now for a particular scene for Black and Gold Documentary.

It was not the prettiest day at the main part of the lake and there were only a handful of people but it was hot and muggy, both of us worn out and not in the mood for filming let alone droning. We threw it up and it was acting weird but still managed to swoop around a couple of black swans that seemed unbothered by our presence. There was a sunlit ripple to the mountain range I thought would come out well but we needed some driving shots with our car in it and I knew just the place only half a km away on the other side of the lake.

We made our way over the cow grids and soon we were on the sweeping road that took us beside the lake from a lower advantage. So we pulled over, set up our coordinates and Jason started her up once again. I drove by the spots we chose and it looked magnificent. The sun was the perfect height over the water and it was casting a gorgeous orange and yellow glow. I pulled over and drove the route again for a few more covering shots. On my last run, I revved up to a reasonable speed and saw the black propellers just in sight as I came around the corner and thought to myself, ‘this is going to look stunning!’ As I pass the drone I hear a ‘clink’ noise like a bicycle chain hitting metal.

On returning to retrieve Jason and our drone I’d learned that the noise was our drone smashing into the one pole that was between the hills and the road and my car! The camera had popped out and we’d lost three blades but to our amazement, not only did we have the footage captured, the drone still worked. All we needed now were replacement blades and a stiff drink. We knew how lucky we were. I can’t tell you how many crashes we watched on youtube after first getting our drone and our hearts were in our throats most times we put it up. But it’s served us well this year, even up to the very last day of filming.