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Launch Night!!!!

It was finally here, at last . . . our moment to release our first film to the world and to German Shepherd viewers everywhere. I had the champagne ready, we’d been waiting 12 months for this moment and it was finally upon us! And it would all be worth it and we could put it behind us and move onto our next project. How completely wrong and naive I was.

It had been consecutive days and weeks of little sleep, chained to the home office and adrenaline kicking into overtime and particularly with Jason who was on the codeine train nursing a fractured tooth that needed to come out. But we’d finished and hit the button to launch. Was it premature? Definitely. We’d done pretty much everything wrong and for one perfectionist and one semi perfectionists it was agonising.

Right up to the night before our launch we’d made cuts to get our video file size down, compromising some quality and left out stories we loved. We didn’t implement a countdown or  marketing strategy the weeks before as we’d planned. Everything we knew in hindsight, just didn’t get done and we said to one another, ‘we’ll never do it this way again.’

It was something that seemed to be in theory pretty straightforward. We had the skill, we had the desire and we had a topic that we were sold on. It doesn’t always make for a smooth transition to the film world. We were babes in the woods finding our way and it was going to be an emotional rollercoaster.