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Technical Glitches

So… This has been an eventful week. We started this site knowing that we didn’t have much time to shake out some bugs, so we bought a few off the shelf components ‘to make things easier’ and to speed the process along. Well, we have learned a lesson on how some poorly coded software can […]

Launch Night!!!!

It was finally here, at last . . . our moment to release our first film to the world and to German Shepherd viewers everywhere. I had the champagne ready, we’d been waiting 12 months for this moment and it was finally upon us! And it would all be worth it and we could put […]

New Year, New Business

It has been 2 and ½ weeks since our launch of both our film and GSDtv and the highs and lows were not expected to be as severe as they were. No one tells you that you don’t have down time and you’re forever improving things and that time ceases to exist the way it […]

Dog Influencers

We all love our dogs and we work, play and train with them giving us a beautiful and special relationship different with that of human friendships. But what about how they influence us in business? Do we ever consider the great ideas that have been birthed because of the influence and ownership of dogs in […]

Dogs of Sport 2019

Our experience with IPO/Schutzhund during the filming in 2018 sparked off another idea. We wanted to create Dogs of Sport featuring the German Shepherd in the world famous IPO Championships. This, of course, included herding and other elements the Shepherds have to master, but we wanted a documentary that gave more attention and time to […]

Road to Raw 2019

Road to Raw Documentary Road to Raw is a documentary that will set out to discover how people feed their dogs and the results of those pet food choices. Road to Raw will not only focus on a raw diet but the option available in this current day and age of technologies that have advanced […]

My Journey to German Shepherds

Growing up with a dog was not unusual or extraordinary, Chile was another member of the family, who would take great joy in chasing the cows across the meadows in Cambridge after my mother dropped us off at school. They had a wonderful relationship, her and my mom. Then after immigrating to the US, she […]

A Film on German Shepherds?

I wanted to share our start in filmmaking and what we faced when we told people we were making a feature-length documentary about German Shepherds. I honestly never thought it was a bad idea, but I was terribly biased because, after all, I was the target audience. But the impending question was, were there others […]

Losing Flight

We had been going for 10 strong months and we were still, I hate to admit it, filming even though we had 3 days left to render the entire documentary. We were out at  Lake Moogerah, one of our favorite local lakes but we’d never droned there but always had it on our shot list […]

What is IPO Schutzhund?

We had to admit it, after hearing about it for probably the third or fourth time . . . we had no idea what IPO was. I think even after it was explained to us, we were still looking it up online to figure out what this thing was. I contacted a few local clubs […]