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Jason 2

Technical Glitches

So... This has been an eventful week. We started this...
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Launch Night!!!!

It was finally here, at last . . . our...
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New Year, New Business

It has been 2 and ½ weeks since our launch...
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Dogs of Influence

Dog Influencers

We all love our dogs and we work, play and...
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Dogs of Sport 2019

Our experience with IPO/Schutzhund during the filming in 2018 sparked...
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road toRAW (1)

Road to Raw 2019

Road to Raw Documentary Road to Raw is a documentary...
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JaneDavis & Rocky at the Beach-1920

My Journey to German Shepherds

Growing up with a dog was not unusual or extraordinary,...
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Miley 1-1920

A Film on German Shepherds?

I wanted to share our start in filmmaking and what...
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Filming Last Scenes for Black & Gold Documentary

Losing Flight

We had been going for 10 strong months and we...
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What is IPO Schutzhund?

We had to admit it, after hearing about it for...
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Is The German Shepherd Diet a Thing?

There were several interviews, 24 in fact, for our first...
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