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Dogs of Sport 2019

Our experience with IPO/Schutzhund during the filming in 2018 sparked off another idea. We wanted to create Dogs of Sport featuring the German Shepherd in the world famous IPO Championships. This, of course, included herding and other elements the Shepherds have to master, but we wanted a documentary that gave more attention and time to this subject.

Dogs of Sport will follow representatives such as WGSDCA IPO National Champion 2018 Sanne Pederson who represented Australia in Denmark to show what commitments, perseverance and challenges competitors face in this sport. The documentary will feature IPO on a world stage, it’s origins, it’s the current state of the sport in Europe and Australia and will follow this journey into the 2019¬†Championships in Italy.

Dogs of Sport will also cover the German Shepherd competing in Agility and Flyball showing its diversity and competitive edge as an all-round athletic dog.