About Us


GSDtv is bringing you German Shepherds on Demand and will feature stories that show the love and true connection of these dogs and their owners and the incredible adventures that will leave you breathless.

This channel will include a library of GSD entertainment and we invite you to not only experience this new concept of watching the best breed on earth but to come with us on this journey and help build a German Shepherd channel full of featured films and shows unlike any other.


About Us

From the producers of Black & Gold German Shepherd Documentary, this network is created for German Shepherd appreciators and devotees to have 24 hour access to production quality, tailored content on the German Shepherd Dog. We have owned, loved and miss our own dogs, but we have set aside getting another one, for now, to go out into the world and discover other peoples insights into the most exceptional, multipurpose breed that not only entertains us, but inspires and edifies us. We thought maybe there just might be others out there who enjoy the same thing as us! A celebration and enjoyment of the beautiful dog, the German Shepherd.


Why we chose to create GSDtv

People have been charmed by the German Shepherd since childhood and have fallen in love with the regal, loyal companion that has served us so much love and affection. While filming our first documentary – Black & Gold GSD Documentary, we realised how much more we there was to tell that we couldn’t fit in with just one documentary. We wanted to show how these strong creatures affect those of us from all over the world who reached out to use with some truly inspiring and authentic stories. We will share these stories with you from each owner’s perspective, each owner’s individual life, and each individual dog, capturing the unique and eternal relationships.


What we have planned

2019 – 2020

A 6 part series

The series will cover the wide experiences of individuals who share their lives with us from all over the world choosing working line GSDs, show line GSDs, therapy GSDs, rescue GSDs, military/police GSDs and search and rescue GSDs. We will go into thick of these stories to live it and breathe it, and capture every detail to bring them to life.



Dogs of Sport – a feature-length documentary looking at the lengths our dog sport competitors go to in the athletic world of IPO. This documentary will follow an Australian representative of IPO and their training regime that prepares them through to the World Championships held in Italy this year. This film will uncover the challenges Australia faces with the sport and take a look at IPO on a world stage of recognised competition. The documentary will include Sheep herding, Flyball, Agility and more.


Road to Raw – a feature length documentary showing the movement of feeding our animals to a more natural and meat based diet. This will over all forms of feeding including commercial, cooked, semi cooked, re-hydrated sustainable feeding to a completely raw diet and showing the results of these methods. Road to Raw will include experts in the field of food science and what is happening all over the world as a result of market driven demand in the new age of technology and information access.


Shepherds Trending – a documentary featuring those who have taken to business using their GSD’s as a critical component to their success. From training and protection companies, photographers, online social media influencers, this documentary will uncover how six people have used this dog to finance their dreams.



GSDtv will invite guests from various industries to speak on topics such as training, socialisation, feeding, grooming, health and popular industry topics.