Black & Gold GSD Documentary

About the Film

The feature length film was inspired by the Director Jane Davis as a way to deal with the loss of her long time companion Rocky. He passed in 2015 and every day his presence is missed. Jane knew there had to be other people that felt this passionately about German Shepherds – so she spent a year of her life finding them.

Jane filmed Black & Gold German Shepherd Documentary as a tribute and as the inspiring story of the worlds most iconic dog. How these dogs have transformed the lives of their best friends, how they change and how we feel when face with the loss of our best friends.

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Black & Gold German Shepherd Documentary

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The film is 1 Hour 21 Minutes long.

Black & Gold GSD Documentary
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Black & Gold GSD Documentary
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Black & Gold German Shepherd Tribute Film Trailer

Recent Reviews

“Awesome film, best breed ever! If you love the GSD you will love this documentary! Watched it with Wrigley right by my side! I will always have a German Shepherd! 

– Jenny M

“Loved watching the film and realising that I am not the only one that thinks there is no other breed like them. Have had lots of dogs throughout my life, but fell in love with shepherds at a young age due to a neighbors shepherd being such an extraordinary girl! Have a watch of this film if you love shepherds, such regal, majestic animals with so much love for their families!”

– Bronwyn G

I love GSD’s. I have had four in my life, and the last one Jack was with me for 6 years, then I got cancer and could not care for him properly so I returned him to his breeder who still had his mother. I dearly miss him every day and your video just brings back the fond memories of all of the GSD’s I have had.

Deane D